🆔NFT Cards Overview

Get your first Zootopia NFT.

While other AMM uses veTokens to achieve project governance and revenue acceleration. Zootopia introduces its innovation Citizen PASSPORT NFT Model join project ecology.

Each user can have up to 8 NFT Cards, each NFT Card can provide additional Pool Boost benefits, Reward unlock privileges, and GamePad Pass.

With the gradual improvement of Zootopia, we will also provide card upgrade and synthesis functions for all Citizens.

How to get Citizen Passport NFT Card?

Zootopia City Hall will issue Citizen Passport NFT Cards to three groups:

  • Buy blind boxes with $ZTP tokens.

  • Synthesize new passports through the card synthesis function.

  • Airdrop passports to specific projects on BSC.

    • Ellipsis Users.

    • Wombat Users.

    • Cake Holders and more.

Airdrop details will be announced later, stay tuned.

Types and functions of Zootopia Citizen Passport NFT Card

Zootopia City Hall's first batch of Passport NFT Cards contains 16 different animals. These cards are currently divided into two categories, Bonus Cards and Privilege Cards.

All NFT Cards get unique features in Zootopia, including Zootopia Finance, GamePad and Metaverse.

We will first introduce the role of these NFT cards in the Pool Boost function.

Actual APR = Base APR*(1+Boost APR)
IF the user has multiple Bonus boost cards, the Boost APR is the sum of each Bonus card

Bonus Card

Users who hold Bonus Cards can stake on the Pool page and get additional earnings.

The maximum number of cards allowed in each pool is 8, and each card has a Booster Gain.

Users can spend $ZTP to upgrade the card, and the Booster Gain will be significantly improved after the upgrade.

Privilege Card

Privilege cards can significantly improve players’ income. Since Zootopia StableSwap imposes strict restrictions on the emission of $ZTP

  • 1/3 of pool rewards will be immediately unlocked to users

  • The remaining 2/3 will be linearly within 180 days

  • With Privilege Card, users could boost unlock schedule

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