Zootopia Finance

StableSwap AMMs

Basic Financial Services of Zootopia
​​Utilizing a Zootopia Stableswap model, users are able to:
Swap stablecoins at hyper-efficient exchange rates with minimal slippage.
Earn a sustainable and optimal yield on their assets via Muli-staking pools.
We maximize capital utilization to fuel DeFi growth and adoption
——Zootopia Finance forked with Curve. For Details, check CURVE WHITEPAPER.​

Why provide stableswap service?

Although stable swaps seem like a simple enough concept, they're actually quite complex under the hood. Although complex, their efficiency has made stable swaps one of the most important tools in decentralized finance (DeFi) today.

How Stableswap Invariant Pools Work

Stableswap pools are the middle ground between constant product pools and constant price pools. A constant price pool is similar to a constant product pool, but uses a constant sum formula Rx+Ry=k, resulting in a constant price ∆x / ∆y = 1.
The stableswap invariant algorithm uses an amplification parameter A that determines how close the stableswap curve should be to the constant product curve; an amplification value of 0 (A = 0) achieves results identical to the constant product pool algorithm; higher values of A push the curve closer to the constant price curve, resulting in lower slippage for exchange rates close to 1:1.
The formula for the stableswap invariant works by combining terms representing the constant product and constant sum formulas. It's using the constant D to represent the total number of tokens in the pool when token X and token Y have an equal price, and A represents the amplification parameter. The formula can be written as:

Zootopia can gain the following advantages by developing a DEX exchange:

  • Sustained and stable fee income.
  • Provide liquidity for stablecoins trading pairs, BNB-stkBNB trading pairs, ETH-womETH trading pairs and other basic trading pairs, enriching the BSC network ecology.
  • Provide liquidity for Zootopia's financial lending services and derivatives trading.

Differences from other DEXs

Zootopia pool features unilateral liquidity provision where only one type of token is needed. No liquidity pair token-making is required from your cauldron, which makes liquidity provision impeccably flexible and scalable.
In addition to providing basic Base Reward income, Zootopia also allows users to use Citizen Passport NFT for Boost.