Zootopia Finance

Understanding $ZTP

ZTP is the native token of Zootopia Finance.

What is the purpose of $ZTP?

The main purpose of the Zootopia token is to incentive liquidity providers to the Zootopia Finance platform as well as to involve as many participants as possible in the governance of the protocol.
Currently, ZTP has three main use cases: voting, staking, buy blind boxes.
Voting and Staking will require you to lock your ZTP to acquire veZTP.

How to get $ZTP?

Liquidity providers on the Zootopia platform receive $ZTP rewards. This ensures the protocol continues offering low fees and extremely low slippage.
Also, all users could buy $ZTP after PancakeSwap listing.

Earning Unlocking Rules

In order to better control the output of tokens, the project will limit the benefits for users。
One third of the rewards will be released immediately, the rest will be released linearly over six months.